Motor end intermediate frequency brazing temperature automatic control system

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1, automatic temperature control system consists of an infrared thermometer, temperature regulator, operation table.

, the automatic control system has a manual / automatic switch. When the manual is applied, the heating power can be adjusted manually. When you are in the automatic position, you only need to input the heating temperature and heating temperature and holding time curve through the regulator. After the equipment is started, the welding process will be completed automatically.

, the temperature automatic control system has a temperature closed-loop function, the heating temperature will be strictly in accordance with the set temperature, and will never produce overheating and under-temperature conditions.

, the heating temperature is displayed on the regulator, which can be observed at any time.

, the temperature automatic control system is shown in the figure below

, pure water cooling device (wind - water cooling type)

The unit is equipped with a wind - water cooled pure water cooling unit to cool it. The unit is filled with purified water and connected to the area where the equipment needs to be cooled by means of pumps and pipes. When the water circulates, the heat of the hot part is taken away, and the heat is discharged through the radiator and the fan.

The device is air-cooled, and the user does not need to provide the cooling pool and cooling tower device, which reduces the workload and floor space. According to the use of the power of 350KW, select a Feng Shui FL-500 type cooler, cooling of the entire apparatus.